Hey there! I'm Cecily, my pronouns are she/they. I'm proudly pansexual! I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - it's a long story, but ask me about it some time! Dayton, Ohio is where I grew up and my parents still reside. Through my grade school years, I was lucky enough to have a number of possibilities to create freely and start a professional career, which included White Christmas at La Comedia Dinner Theatre and One Slight Hitch as well as another developmental reading at Human Race Theatre Company.

        I just finished undergrad! I'm now an alumni of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University, with a degree in musical theatre, class of 2021, and I received my degree summa cum laude. I can do silly acting things AND I'm smart.

        I'm currently a Wag walker as my stand in job while I'm making money in STL before my big adult move to Los Angeles! My focus before I move to LA is advancing further into film acting; I started with a YouTube mini-series when I was about 11 years old...please don't search for it. If you do, I promise I've improved....I've had opportunities recently with film that Webster has helped connect me to, and I'm aspiring to stretch my on-camera muscles much more as a creative.

         Otherwise, I'm always here to talk about Schitts Creek, The Good Place, anything Sorkin wrote, plays I'm beginning to write, Nietzsche, ethical ideas with the human race! Or dog videos too. Either way.